Summer short course filter: Fun readings on the internet, the future, and research in the digital age for high school teachers. Help a librarian plan a syllabus! I’m a an academic librarian who will be teaching a week-long course entitled “Research in the Digitial Age” to a group of high school English and Writing Students this semeseter. I’m hoping to provide the teachers with the tools they need to use both library and web resources in their teaching (and encourage their students to do so responsibly), but I also want to talk about information behavior, using the web for discovery and evaluation of sources, and the history and future of the internet (mostly as it pertains to “research”).

There will be a lot of time for discussion, and I want a range of readings that brings in voices from all over and will give us a lot to explore. Some of the things (or types of things) I have in mind are:

You can see, it’s pretty loose, and of course some of those are mutually exclusive (I’m not gonna make them read 3 JASIST articles!). I want to use the readings and discussions to launch into practical tools and strategies for dealing with information overload and students’ use of technology (two things that are often intimidating to this audience). I’d really like a mix of academic, historical, and short fiction that perhaps don’t answer the questions we’ll consider, but help to drive discussion around them. I’d prefer the academic articles not to be too boring or statistics-y for the audience, but I want to reveal some of the complexity of information behavior. Also, documentaries or short films on the same topics would be welcomed as well– both those available online or just DVD.

It’s also probably more of a stretch, but I’d love to know there are any other types of work — shorter stuff like poetry or comics especially– that approach these topics. Bonus for free, CC, or open access stuff.

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